Mimar Folding Glass Balcony Systems

Mimar Folding Glass Balcony Closure Systems aesthetic integrity and functionality combine perfectly.


Architects are Mimar Glass logo on the quality assurance of all the accessories and materials used in Balcony Systems.
The aluminum profiles used in the Architect Glass Balcony Closure, Mimar Folding Glass Systems with tailor-made to the specific design, proven, proprietary products are.
Case Profile used in Architect Glass Balcony Closure (Ray Profile), each foot to move the double ball bearing wheels, which are designed and manufactured as a 2-channel. Safe isolation to ensure a high rate quoted Profiles are produced.
Architects Bases of Glass Balcony Glass Balcony Systems (glass-mounted profiles) 8 mm. and 10 mm. 2 in accordance with the use of glass is kind.
Architects Glass Balcony to facilitate installation and application blinds are two different settings profile option.
The architect Glass Balcony Systems, Anodizing (natural), White, Cream, Brown and Wood Pattern is available in standard colors. If desired, the applicable special color.
Wheel bracket of Architects Glass Balcony Systems are manufactured from stainless steel against oxidation.
Glass Balcony Systems Architect desired, top with one another, have the opportunity to request to mount the bottom supports. Each side has 8 bearings.
If the system is mounted on top; top 4 bearing serves as a carrier, bearing guiding makes the following 4. If the system is mounted below the lower bearing 4 serves as a carrier, bearing guiding makes top 4.
Becoming a part of our daily lives and our balcony we spent most of our time, especially during the summer has been a great influence on the glass balcony become safer and more convenient.
Architects Glass Balcony Closure Systems aesthetic integrity and functionality combine perfectly. In addition to being suitable colors and enjoy as your structure is extremely useful and durable.
• Landscape and does not consist of a loss in the image.
• Increase the value of your estate.
• complies with zoning regulations.
• It is architecturally impressive.
• There is no change in the structure of the building when viewed from the outside.
• does not provide a legal troubles with the floor.
• Allows you to benefit from your balcony 4 seasons throughout the year.
• Rain, snow, protects from external factors such as wind.
• Provides heat and sound insulation.
• Allows you to take advantage of long-term and more throughout the year from your balcony.
• Suitable for any kind of balcony.
• height of 8 or 10 mm according to the system is composed of tempered glass.
• Cleaning and maintenance is easy and practical.
• Can be switched on and off at different levels as desired.
• Glass is tempered flexible and durable.
• Impact-resistant tempered glass is used. In this way provides maximum protection against the theft.
• In case of breaking the glass out of the ordinary with effect does not harm the environment divided into small pieces and live.
Glass balcony with WINTER GARDEN
Villa mansion detached duplex, triplex structures in the style of an extension or as a completely independent body that provides you the opportunity to see all the beauty of nature and nature are bringing you the personalized application.
All details are individually designed in Winter Garden System Architect. Thanks to the unique system has sought details of all the properties in a winter garden. Winter gardens are free from all the negative effects of the sun, but has been developed to create environments filled with filtered sunlight. Winter garden with special requests, whether for commercial purposes of any area closed, but transparent as possible to make stylish and functional spaces. This system is used in the tempering or heat loss is minimal during said heating and cooling with safety glass. Each climatic conditions suitable environmental, aesthetic, decorative, functional, contemporary spaces are available. The raw materials being used in the Winter Garden Systems Architect is a big part of glass and aluminum. This material without any harm to the environment can also be imparted to one hundred percent recyclable. Architects visually Winter Garden Systems provide complete harmony with the environment and nature which offers places to live in nature intertwined with the four seasons.
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