Mimar Self Curtain Folding Glass Balcony

Glass balconies that no immediate discomfort of sunlight, weather floor balcony rooms are the systems.

 Glass balconies that no immediate discomfort of sunlight, weather floor balcony rooms are the systems. You can stop downloading the sun screen area you want. Each glass balcony curtains can be controlled separately. It has all the features found in our glass balcony. Only systems with self-curtain addition, it provides you with the possibility of light control.

With an aesthetic image does not lose its reason for existence in the balcony of the building`s exterior appearance last year was presented to the curtained glass balcony serves as a distortion does not create product. Heat-proof feature and folding features, this product had to be handy for summer-winter without distinction specially produced glass plate with a balcony off of the environment.
There are varieties such as webbed folding sliding blinds. Extremely suitable for use in homes and businesses. When the glass plates aside toplanabilirk desirable sometimes just one, sometimes may open multiple windows.
In the summer balcony while winter is the possibility to be used as never closed due to the insulating properties provide energy savings by switching. Powder snow rain wind and weather changes, etc. By providing protection against external factors in the home of the ground floor balcony to clean up and helps keep durable. Thus, in the long run will not be faced with problems such as replacing flooring.
Still closed in winter in a glass balcony to save space by placing infrequently used household appliances goods will be highly effective. This balcony curtains to use the system shutdown and sometimes there will be no need duyulmazk sometimes very necessary material according to the position of the sun to get the house. Blinds can be supplied in glass balcony pitched ceiling cornice curtain curtain attaching a normal appearance can be offered for sale. Roller blinds can be replicated to the number of glass and can provide protection from the sun according to the department. Has taken place in recent years, largely on demand systems group recommended products
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